Monday, November 9, 2009

TFP Newsletter Is Out!

"I’m very excited to present the very first issue of the TFP Newsletter! This is the first of many weekly newsletter publications. Learn about the many diverse individuals in our LGBT community and the difference they make and be more well-informed of the many different activities and events that our LGBT community has planned.

This newsletter will also serve as your official source of information for the 2009 Manila Pride March. With the March only less than one month away, it’s the easiest and fun way to keep posted on the different activities going on in preparing for this globally relevant event.

With that being said, I encourage you to participate in the 2009 Manila Pride March. Be a volunteer for any of the Pride Committees-Parade, Program, Pageant and Party; there’s bound to be one committee that will float your boat. More importantly, DARE yourself to march this year-do it because you CARE (because we all care about our partners, our friends and family, our rights as individuals, and for the greater good of our LGBT community, right?) See you at the March!"



Editor and Head of Marketing and Communications

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