Friday, December 4, 2009

Pride 2009

Manila Pride March
Dec 5, 2009

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Once again, the Filipino Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community along with their friends, families, allies and supporters, joined together in a large and colorful parade at the 2009 Manila Pride March.

Held during Human Rights Week, Filipino LGBT dramatically demanded their right to participate fully in civil, political, economic, cultural and social life. They also demonstrated their indignation over the lack of human rights protections as shown in the recent decision of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) not to accredit Ang Ladlad, a partylist group for LGBT Filipinos, the non-passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill and the increasing violence and discrimination committed against citizens because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The march passed by designated streets in historic Malate followedd by a pageant and party. Events were coordinated by Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines, a network of LGBT and LGBT-supportive groups and individuals who seek to promote positive visibility for the LGBT community including Bed Malate, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Advocates for Youth (GABAY), Lesbian Advocates Philippines (LeAP), Metropolitan Community Church Quezon City (MCCQC),, Single Guys Online (SGO) PH, and Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP).

A small and mean scattering of Christian dundermentalists, who have been a common sight at previous gay celebrations, were overshadowed by the atmosphere of love and acceptance. The protestors were tolerated even though their Jesus (a rebel who said zero about sex), was fabled to have thrown such hipocrites out of temples.

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