Monday, May 16, 2011

Election Guidelines

TFP COMELEC Guidelines


- ensure no discrimination against those with no org or those not officials reps of their orgs. orgs will be used only to identify the person.

- ensure there is a minimum set of rules/guidelines that all agree to follow

COMELEC Formation

- will be managed by existing set of officers unless an officer is going to run themselves

- unless a specific group of members will be identified to lead COMELEC if bandwidth permits


it is possible to have a set of officers who technically come from the same org. in the end, it will be an issue of willingness to work and devotion to TFP, not an issue of org loyalty.

Minimum requirements to be able to run for a position

1. May or may not affiliated with an LGBT organization/group

2. Willingness to work and devotion to TFP regardless of group affiliation

Recommended Timelines for elections

Week 1 – review rules

Week 2-3 – call for nominations (nominations confirmed by candidate sending in bio or profile background information) / announce general assembly on Week4 / call on identifying official representatives per org / end of week3 publish list of candidates and write ups

Week 4 – call general assembly

- Presentation of candidates (write ups, speech if want to give speech)

- Conduct voting

Week 5 – release results


1. Registration sheet must be provided to capture the following during the day of voting

a. Full name

b. phone

c. organization name affiliated with if any

d. if official representative of organization

Voting Entitlements

- Organizations - by official representative; each org 1 vote

- Individuals - 1 vote each

Voting to be done either (depending on discretion of people attending the meeting)

- Secret ballot

- Show of hands

Voting guidelines

- even if 1 person for a position must vote (to achieve vote of confidence at least 50% + 1

-Other positions without officers running can either be appointed by new set of officers our another round of voting to be done following same rules here.

Minutes to be released

- showing new set of officers

- showing attendees (official representatives for organizations called out, may also call out single org they are from if not official representative)


- in case of ties how- another round of voting will be done for those positions

1 comment:

  1. Dear Friends cc: TFP Comelec;

    I, ROMRICO S. LUGA, President Trippers Philippines, would like to REJECT my nomination as PROGRAM COMMITTEE HEAD.

    *note* sorry cant attend the elections, coz my Group has an activity on May 21 also, but rest assure we will continue to support all TFP endeavors.

    May 18, 2011 7:25 PM