Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pride March 2012 Parade and Program Guidelines

Huwebes na! Sa Sabado na ang #PrideMarch2012! Alam nyo na ba ang isusuot nyo?
Bago pumili ng bonggang-bonggang wardrobe, basahing maigi muna ang mga Guidelines para sa 2012 Metro Manila Pride March.

  • Assembly is at 2:00 PM at the Makati City Hall; march proper will start at 3:00 PM. Don't be late or you'll be stuck in the bazaar.
  • Better yet: Come real early and enjoy the bazaar.
  • If you're in the closet but want to march, you can march with the straight allies (yes, straight people join the Pride March, too.) Or wear a costume that hides your identity.
  • No matter how irritating the fundies (fundamentalists) can get, try not to kill them. Be in your most fabulous behavior and give the tanods and the police something to do.
  • Speaking of the tanods and the police, remember that they're there for your safety (they're actually super heroes in disguise), so don't provoke them.
  • Your marshalls will be your guide. Listen to them.
  • Your belongings are your belongings. TFP won't have a baggage counter and there won't be lockers.
  • Try not to bring stuff that will only end up in the trash bin. Better yet, bring your own trash bag.
  • Fireworks are fun. Explosives, too (sometimes). However, they're not allowed during the march and the post-march program.
  • Firearms. NO.
  • Sharp objects e.g. katana, shuriken, sai, scythe, and the likes. NO.
  • You should be responsible for re-hydrating yourself during the March. Yes, we'll have beer available for purchase. Drink responsibly.
  • We are arranging to have the city hall allow us to use their toilets. Toilet etiquette, please.
  • Unless you're coming in costume, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • We'll be surreptitiously taking photos so don't be caught unawares. Always be your fabulous selves. Bring a handy kikay kit to freshen up.
  • You wouldn't want people guessing, so we highly recommend bringing a banner to identify your organization.
  • What's a parade without people cheering? A chant or a cheer from your group should make our parade more fun and festive.
  • You may also want to throw in parade paraphernalia like pompoms and what-nots, but we really do not encourage using confetti. After all, you're going to have to clean up after yourselves.
Again: ASSEMBLY AT 2:00 PM, MARCH STARTS AT 3:00. We'll be back in the city hall by 4:30.

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