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Membership and Registration Guidelines

As of November 20, 2009


  • Introduction
  • Outcome
  • Registration Guidelines
  • Coordination with other committees (For TFP only)
  • Plans (For TFP only)


Below is the purpose of this document:

  1. lay down the plans of the membership and registration team for the period of the 1st of November until the end of the week after the PRIDE March.
  2. guide all members of the TFP Executive Committee and concerned volunteers on the registration process and efficient handling of Pride March participants.
  3. facilitate effective coordination between the membership and registration committee and other concerned committees, e.g. communications/marketing, parade and program, in carrying out common tasks, and
  4. facilitate the work of future members and volunteers of TFP.
  5. Note: by participating in any committee of TFP this is equivalent to being a participant in the March.


By 1 week after the pride march, the committee would have produced the following:

  • Mobilized and handled the target Pride March participants.
  • Produced an extensive database of current members and volunteers of TFP and Pride March participants.

Registration Guidelines


All members of the membership and registration committee will be responsible for:

  • Sending invitations to target organizations, both LGBT-focused and non-LGBT-focused, and individuals.
  • Following-up and accepting confirmation forms.


  • Can be done either on-line, i.e. filling-up and submitting registration form at the TFP website, or off-line, i.e. submitting via e-mail or fax the confirmation sheet sent together with the invitation letters.
  • Will take place until the Saturday before the pride march.

Pre-registered/Registered organizations or individuals expectations (participant expectations)

  • Ensure they read and understand the Marching Guidelines, Survival Kits, assigned/preferred colours and things to bring and other related information based on the TFP website
  • Check the latest information about changes to plans on TFP website or released SMS e.g. changes in the plans of the PM, e.g. date and venue.
  • Will have to provide organizers with parental consents or waivers for participants below the age of 18 years.
  • Have to update the origanizers with changes in their plans, e.g. number of delegates, preferred colour, floats, etc.
  • Have to get their members to pre-register online if possible; if not then walk in registration exists also
  • Provide the name of the person who will present during the program to the Registration booth personnel
  • Proceed to Remedios Circle and form a line behind your organization’s place marker and await further instructions from the parade marshal or parade committee heads.

Registration Booth Setup and layout and Manning

  • Set-up at Remedios Circle on the 5th of December 2009. On-site registration will start at least 2 hours before the start of the march.
  • Will also serve as the information and coordination hub/help desk of entire TFP.
  • Membership committee volunteers will be designated sections in the booth and will handle on-site registration for pre-registered organizations, walk-in organizations, individuals and members of the media.
  • Will be transferred to Orosa Street 30 minutes before the start of the march.[1] However, membership/registration committee volunteers will remain at Remedios Street up until the start of the march.

On site registration expectations

  • Press/Media – ensure to bring your press pass / ID
  • Others – please ensure to bring any valid ID e.g. school ID, drivers license, etc. as long as picture and birthday is specified
  • There is no registration fee. However, if people are able, we do suggest a registration donation of Php 50 for individuals; Php 200 for not-for-profit organizations; and Php 500 for for-profit organizations.

Registration Process

Important Note

under no circumstance are registration sheets, forms or materials such as pens to leave the registration booth


Below is a step action table for the registration process




Approach registration booth and fall in line under the appropriate queue either pre-registered or walk-in registration

  1. For pre-registered go to step 2

  2. For walk-in registration go to step 3


  1. Look for your name in the pre-registration list based on if you are an organization or an individual

  2. Affix your signature

  3. Go to step 4


  1. Complete registration form/clipboard by organization or individual

  2. Submit to booth personnel

  3. Go to step 4


Allow membership committee to fasten either of the of the following:

  1. bracelet for individuals
  2. ID for press/media and organizers


Read the participant expectations

Coordination with other committees

Target Turn over to
All organizations and individuals who have registered and given identification tags. Individuals will have a designated section during the March, unless they opt to join an organizational contingent. Parade Committee
Media representatives PR Committee
Presenters as part of program

At least 15 minutes before the start of the Program:

  1. actual list of participating organizations,
  2. actual number of organizations and individuals,
  3. organizations with the most number of delegates,
  4. youngest participant,
  5. oldest participant,
  6. organization who have joined the most number of Pride Marches.
Program Committee
Committee members or volunteers who will not join the March will be requested to look over the Registration Booth at Orosa Street Membership committee





Persons Responsible

Resources Needed

1st week to 2nd week of November

- Gather information (names of organizations, focal points and contact details) of potential Pride March participants.
- Update database/list of invitees.
- Sending of initial invitation via promotion of TFP website and Facebook account.

- Updated list of potential PM participants.
- At least 20 organizations have expressed support to join PM. (?)

Raffy, MJ, Ryan

Mikey/Red (setting up of Face Book account)

2nd week of November

· Sending of official invitations.

· Official invitations sent to at least 30 organizations (?)

Raffy, MJ and Ryan


(finalizing invite letters)

Invitation letters in PDF format with Great’s signature[2]

Confirmation forms (on-line and off-line)

Digital copies of teasers/PR materials

3rd week to 4th week of November

- Follow-up confirmation.
- Sending of March guidelines, Survival Kit and other information needs of confirmed participants.

· Partial/projected number of organizations and individuals joining PM
· Polished list of PM participants
· Confirmed participants informed about assigned colours, guidelines and things to bring to PM.

Raffy, MJ, Ryan

Great/Ceejay (finalizing March guidelines and Survival Kit)

Naomi/Mikey (finalizing other PR materials)

Copies of March guidelines and survival kits

1st week of December

· Orientation of volunteers/participants (or 28 November?)

· On-site handling of volunteers and participants/ operating registration booth

· At least 5 volunteers for Membership/registration committee mobilized and oriented.

· Final count of participating organizations and individuals turned over to Program Committee.

Raffy, MJ, Ryan

Entire Execom (convening orientation meeting with volunteers and other participants)

Materials for registration booth:
-4 tables
-4 chairs
- TFP/PM banner

- Pens (10)
- Pentel Pens (4)
- Tags for participants
- IDs for committee members and volunteers
- First aid kits

2nd week of December

· Preparation of final list of actual PM volunteers and participants

· Database/list turned over to Execom.

Raffy, MJ, Ryan


Below is the plan on the day of the pride march



1430 to 1500

  • Setting-up of registration booth at Remedios Circle.
  • All TFP Execom/ members/ volunteers are requested to be visible at Remedios Circle by 1500.

1500 to 1630

  • On-site registration for all organizations and individuals
  • Giving tags for registered groups and individuals
  • Turning over of registered organizations and individuals to Parade Committee. Parade Committee will arrange organizations based on designed sequence of the march.

1630 to 1700

  • Close registration booth at Remedios Street and Setting Up of Registration Booth (can also serve as Program Committee’s Booth) at Orosa Street.
  • Membership/registration committee volunteers will remain visible at Remedios Circle for last minute registration and handling of delegates.


Start of the march


- Provide Program Committee needed information (see proposed guidelines)


- Program/ registration Committee free at last! Unless additional tasks will be given. J

Change Log






Added: There is no registration fee. However, if people are able, we do suggest a registration donation of Php 50 for individuals; Php 200 for not-for-profit organizations; and Php 500 for for-profit organizations.

[1] TFP volunteers who choose not to join the march, e.g. Program or Logistics Committees, will be requested to look over the registration booth at Orosa Street.

[2] Include in invitation letters the contact details of Raffy, MJ and Ryan. They will be contacted by organizations or individuals who wish to confirm.

[3] Requested signboards: “Registration Booth”; “Organizations – Pre-registered”; “Organizations – Walk-in”; “Individuals”; “Media”.

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