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Parade Guidelines



Please review and ensure your respective organizations/participants follow the Marching Guidelines below so that our parade will be colorful, organized, safe, secure and beautiful. What ever we do reflects on the LGBT community as a whole or its public perception.

Participant Guidelines

Parade Route From Remedios Circle
To Roxas Blvd
Right to Pedro Gil
Right to Taft Avenue
Right to Nakpil
Left to Orosa St.
Color coordination
  • Organizations may choose their color if they have an existing color
  • If no color has been selected, colors will be assigned to each org based on color drawing by TFP Parade committee head
  • Rainbow Color Guideline: ROYGBV + Black and White
  • Also aside from a color of the rainbow include also SILVER in your color as this is the binding color and color theme for this year’s pride MARCH
  • Deadline for color assignment is November 21st; if not able to meet this deadline color will be assigned.
  • If you have not registered or have been assigned a color you are strongly encouraged to wear Silver, White, Grey or Black and will be assigned area to march
  • Individuals with no affiliation will be marching under the TFP banner including the rainbow flag
  • intent for these colors is to
    • form the colors for the rainbow for our march; as sequencing will be advised by the TFP Parade committee head
    • reduce cost for producing a creative interpretation for the march
    • provide sense of consistency coordination that the LBGT community is well organized

Clothing, Accessories
  • Attire that is not obscene and is within the letter of the law
  • Full nudity is prohibited
  • Ensure attire is comfortable and safe to wear while marching
  • Bring extra clothing for change
  • Dangerous weapons whether real or fake are prohibited such as the following but limited to daggers, guns swords, axes etc.

Chanting, Shouting, Placards
  • Groups can have their own chat ensure only that same guidelines below will apply
  • no political endorsements
  • should be wholesome and positive and respects diversity, political views, beliefs, cultures and traditions that are geared towards the LGBT community.
  • should not be offensive
  • ensure to review TFP Media kit so would know how to respond to press
  • should review counter anti-march Q&A (and plans in place to dispel protetestors)
  • Suggest to align to messaging with the theme of the pride march: We dare we care

Banner, Tarpaulin and Flags
  • recommended size tarp per organization may be used max 9 ft width by 4 ft height
  • may bring flags also
  • We strongly encourage to bring rainbow flags as well, no limit to number you can bring for this. this should be visible throughout the parade. Suggest a cost effective way to make a rainbow flag is to use ribbons and glue gun or sewing machine.
  • Strongly encourage to bring Philippine flags
  • Flags available for sale for min. fee at Information booth
  • No sharp objects
  • No desecration and/or defacing of symbolic materials
  • Do NOT include the word 'hate' anywhere on your sign. Doing so only opens us up to being labeled as bigots. " An acceptable alternative is simply "Honk against _________"
  • Tailor your signs to focus on the themes at hand.
  • Make your signs neat and legible from a distance - Big fonts, block letters, preferably in one color. Print out the text/design on a printer and glue it to posterboard, or use the time-tested stencil. Keep the message direct, short, and avoid using any slang terminology.
  • Keep your message concise - Try to present your message in less than 7 words. Remember that we need to play off of the general public's shortened attention span, both for foot traffic and vehicles that happen to pass by. The public needs to be able to read everything at a glance.
  • Make sure your sign is attention-getting - Not all signs have to be works of art, but if you want a great sign that will get people to stop and ask what's going on then it's best to put a little time and effort into it.

  • no drugs, alcohol, no urinating on streets, no hazardous/toxic substances or pyrotechnics
  • no horse play
  • avoid littering
  • Minors should be accompanied by their respective guardians
  • do not loiter outside the assigned lane/parade route
  • no retaliation to Anti-march protesters
  • no vandalism or destruction of public or private property
  • always follow the marshals and security instructions
  • will be tolerated up to the letter of the law
  • participants should not be more than 5 in a row for safety reasons
  • follow the prescribed marching order as defined by the parade head.

Other guidelines
  • Make your signs legible from a distance - Big fonts, preferably in one color. Keep the message direct & short. Avoid using any slang terminology. You're attempting to get a message across to the general public about an advocacy, not indulging your ego.
  • You're representing a cause - not an image board. Parades have been lots of fun for all involved, but remember that our main objective is informing the public.
  • Learn why you are there! - Do your homework. Have sources to back up what you say. Know why you're attending the parade. Take maximum advantage of people's curiosity and make an effort to converse articulately.
  • Please respect the privacy and security concerns of other participants by not taking full-face photographs or footage unless consent has been given.
  • Stay cool - Attempted disruption may irritate you, but do not lose your temper. Stay above the bull-baiting, and if feeling intimidated or extremely angry, ask for intervention (i.e. blocking) from other participants and most especially the marshals. Any uncontrolled behavior or angry shouting will harm the parade, tarnish our collective reputation, and possibly get you arrested for disorderly conduct. Please respect what you and others have worked hard to build this event. And yes, yelling hateful statements falls under this, too — don't do it.
  • Do NOT fraternize with the enemy - For your safety and to maintain a clear boundary, do not accept food, massages/touch therapy, bathroom breaks, or any other offers of assistance. It's easy to transmit substances through adulterated food, and through touch, and allows the target positive PR.
  • Respect and cooperate with police officers (and barangay officials and local community coordinators/staff) - Even if you disagree with police directions, be respectful and polite. Police officers are there for everyone's safety, and have been very supportive of us exercising our rights — in large part because we have been so easy to work with. Preserve that relationship. If they tell you to stay on the opposite side of the street, stay on the opposite side of the street.
  • Be cautious - Be extremely mindful of your surroundings both when arriving and leaving the parade area. Park in a safe but out of the way location. Do not go to your car if you are being followed, but go into a public building with lots of foot traffic and alert authorities/ owners that you are being followed. If possible, come and go with someone trusted and known to you. Take an indirect route home.
  • Do NOT litter - Fliers and flimsy signs may rip or blow away if not firmly held. Make every effort to leave the protest area as clean as, or cleaner than when we arrived. Use trashcans for food/drink garbage; please use them. In addition, take care not to leave cigarette butts lying around and keep used water bottles with you.
  • register your float ahead of time if you intend to do a float by November 21
  • will follow color guideline, shouting, chanting and behavior guidelines.
  • should not exceed one traffic lane
  • no bigger than an 8 wheeler
  • no overtaking
  • drivers should have licenses
  • no smoke belcher
  • expected to follow traffic rules up the letter of the law
  • Floats to march along with their respective organization (there will be a designated area where to park floats before march starts

Food, Drinks bring your own food and/or drinks or purchase around the area

Night time during march and closure of parade
  • Suggested to bring candles per person for candle light after parade e.g. regular or rainbow candles (available in Quipo)
  • Suggested also to bring Torch/Lamp per organization marching
  • Candles maybe available at cost at the registration booth
  • Candles are to be placed on a large chalk drawn sign of “EQUALITY” on Maria Orosa

Escalations, Questions

  • Don’t panic
  • Registration/Information booth at Remedios circle and also when it gets transferred to Orosa st.
  • First AID kit available at registration booth
  • approach anyone with official TFP ID

Group Marshal Roles and Responsibilities

Phase Responsibility
Dec 5, 2 pm call time at registration booth(Remedios Circle) Attend meeting for final briefing before start of registration
All through out Ensure participants adhere to the guidelines mentioned above
Check in Proceed to the registration booth in Remedios Circle and get ID and other marshal items
The Staging Area (Remedios Circle)
  • To assist your contingents with any help they might need with assembling their float or in getting supplies they might need.
  • Ensure your contingent participants:
    • Congregate in the pre-assigned area
    • are present
    • have all registered on or before 430 pm in the afternoon
    • know that parade starts promptly at 5 pm
    • know parade guidelines (guideline copies will be provided to you)
    • are lined up according to marching guidelines and face the right direction.
  • Ensure right pacing/speed/acceleration of your assigned contigent
  • Are following the following order:
    • § Ensure space between orgs 2 meters
    • § Sign/tarp of org
    • § Participants
    • § Float (if applicable)
  • When the crunch begins (approx. 5 pm) make sure that your contingents are ready to go, so they can be fed onto the parade route.
Parade Route (Once your assigned contingents are fed onto the route)
  • keep pace with contingent and to help them keep pace with the rest of the parade.
  • Ensure to Remember NO GAPS!!!!! And NO TAILGATING!!!!!! Try to keep your contingents at a reasonable pace, not too fast and not too slow.
  • Ensure that your contingents do not throw things into the crowd, they are allowed to hand things out but no throwing items. It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye.
  • Make any notes about any contingent that has had an issue, problem or concern. With the extra paper provided, feel free to make any notes about anything you would like
The dispersal area (Once the parade reaches the dispersal area) Show your assigned contingents the proper way to disperse.
  • Walking participants can stay with group and go onto Orosa st. or Nakpil
  • Floats go down nakpil or right on orosa
  • Let them know that the dispersal areas have been defined since there are many contingents coming in right behind them.
  • Advise all to use the trash receptacles for decorations.
Check out Checkout with the information booth an submit any recommendations, issues, notes suggestions.

Route Marshal Roles and Responsibilities

Phase Responsibility
Dec 5, 2 pm call time at registration booth (Remedios Circle) Attend meeting for final briefing before start of registration
All through out
  • Ensure group marshals adhere to the guidelines mentioned above
  • Ensure the safety and security of all participants (wearing tag of registration band or stamp)
  • Disperse any blockage in parade route.

Parade Sequence

For any corrections/changes contact

View the parade sequence here

Change Log

Date Reference Change
12/01 Parade Sequence added parade sequence
11/30 Updated Marshal roles and responsibilities Added Route marshal roles and responsibilities
11/30 Booth information Removed the following since there is a separate post on booths
  • Sale of merchandise is permitted upon approval by the Parade committee head
  • Space, booth panels, tables and chairs and electricity if available will be provided on a first come first served basis
  • Rental fee for space is Php 500 pesos. This is non-refundable. Thank you for understanding that our expenses occur even if you have to cancel.
11/30 candle light program removed candle light program from this document and moved it to the pride checklist of events for consistency
11/28 added info on placard/signs added additional guidelines for signs as well as other parade guidelines
11/21 changes Added: Ensure right pacing/speed/acceleration of your assigned contigent
11/20/09 Various changes Added: note about rainbow candles in Quiapo
11/14/09 Colors Added: Individuals with no affiliation will be marching under the TFP banner including the rainbow flag

11/14/09 Float marching Added: Floats to march along with their respective organization (there will be a designated area where to park floats before march starts
11/14/09 Marching guideline Added: Participant marching guideline

not more than 5 in a row

11/14/09 Parade Marshals Added: Parade marshals per organization/contingent roles and responsibilities
11/17/08 Cost food Removed the following since will be worked separate from these guidelines:


  1. Hagad (two police escort)
  2. 10 Brgy Tanods
  3. 20 Marshall and 20 Riders ( suggestion: Tau Gamma Phi, RJ Belmonte Riders, Akbayan, Gabriela Women’s Party, Sanlakas, Bayanmuna, PMP, PNP)
  4. Ati Atihan
  5. 50 pcs Sulo and candles

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