Monday, November 30, 2009

PRIDE Program



  1. Organizations must in advance identify their speaker. Organizations are expected to signify if they are sending a representative to delivery a statement during the program by Dec 4, 2009
  2. Speakers will be called to give their statement by order based on the pride march order.
  3. Speakers will be called 2 times only verbally after which the program will go on and no further opportunity will be given.
  4. Speaker expected to be by the stage at least15 mins before they will be called on stage.
  5. Speakers are expected to deliver a statement that is 30 seconds (strictly enforced) or 50 words. Guideline to align to PRIDE theme of We Dare! We Care.
  6. Forward statement logo and website to be used on AVP on or before December 4
  7. Speakers may bring placards and tarps on stage when delivering statement. Speakers may bring a maximum of 4 other people on stage.
  8. Performances must be kept within allotted time; Maximum of 5 mins per performance; Exceptions to be approved by Program Lead

Prepare for program (For organizations)

Note: For any corrections/additional information that needs to be updated email

See list of organization descriptions and statements


Duration Activity Owner
work in progress

Program award

  • 2009 Manila PRIDE Idol award will be judged by the Program Lead

Program Committee

Change Control

Date Reference Change
12/3 prepare for program added link to view all the orgs and respective descriptions collated so far and statements
11/30 Rev0

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