Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TFP Solidarity Message for Baguio Pride

Naimbag nga adlaw to our LGBT friends, comrades and supporters from Baguio and the rest of the Cordillera Region!

Task Force Pride Philippines (TFP) expresses warm and meaningful solidarity to the organizers and participants of the 2010 Baguio Pride March. TFP strongly believes that this endeavor is significant in sustaining LGBT advocacy across the Philippines. Parading the rainbow flag with dignity and pride in various parts of the country, including in the Cordillera Region, sends a signal that indeed our movement is strong, vibrant and will continue to increase its influence in shaping policies and culture to make them more responsive to human rights.
Indeed there are several challenges we do face. Our community’s presence and active participation in governance remains to be strengthened. LGBT children still face discrimination in schools, subjected to homophobic practices and a non-gender responsive curriculum. Members of our community remain vulnerable to abuse and discrimination by employers due to the lack of equal opportunity policies. The list of concerns may go on and on.
In the light of these challenges, TFP hopes that LGBT communities in Metro Manila and the Cordillera Region would continue to collaborate and complement each other strengths.
We apologize for having a limited presence in your activity due to our Pride-related activities in Manila. However, please be assured that in spirit we are one with you.
In solidarity,

Task Force Pride Philippines
TFP is a network of LGBT groups and individuals, as well as LGBT-friendly groups and individuals, that seeks to promote positive visibility for the LGBT community. 

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