Friday, November 1, 2013

Real world sentiments.

In the above image are selected phrases from anonymous submissions to Shakira Sison's account.

"Dear parent... I am asking for your attention because every day a child runs to me because her mother told her she should drop out of school if she won't stop being gay. I'm writing this because a father threatened his daughter that he will kill any girl she loves. I'm telling you this because a boy just made a secret Twitter account to tell me he feels so alone and wants to die. I hope to God he is not your child, because I'm pretty sure you'd rather have a gay son than a dead one. Or would you?"

As LGBT activists and advocates, or even ordinary LGBTs who are nonetheless happy and comfortable with our lives, we have to ask ourselves:

What can we do here?
In the here and now, how can we help them?

Image by Shakira Sison.
Read the rest of her article: A plea to parents of gay children.

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