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2009 Manila Pride March
Target Date: December 5, 2009

Important Note:

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  2. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event! The show must go on!
Date What How to do it
Now Pre-Register, Confirm participation, Volunteer and/or provide support.
  1. PhotobucketAs a participant (both individuals and members of organizations), pre-register online to:
    1. Ensure easy check in (i.e. sign in and get a tag),
    2. Get a chance to win prizes that will be raffled off to those who have both pre-registered and attended the march,
    3. Ensure security and safety - ensure you are accounted for on the day of the march
    4. Get Invites for Post-March activities - give feedback and post events,
    5. Help keep track of the participants as WE DARE to break the most number of marchers in Philippine Pride March History and
    6. Help build on existing database of LGBT individuals and organizations for next year’s Pride March, as well as relevant events.
  2. As an organization (officer or representative thereof), confirm your participation to:
    1. ensure parade head can coordinate with you i.e. float, color, communications, etc.
    2. ensure a march order has been set
  3. As a supporter, confirm the support you would like to provide either as a volunteer or a donor or sponsor/supporter.
Now Keep yourself and others updated
  1. PhotobucketBookmark the Official TFP website (source of up to date complete information do check regularly)
  2. Subscribe for updates (sent to you)
    1. Subscribe to the TFP weekly newsletter
    2. Join group in Facebook: Task Force Pride Philippines
    3. Follow us:
    4. Track us:
    5. Pre-register to add yourself in the SMS database
  3. Communicate updates you receive from above to friends, members in your organization (if applicable) and the community.
Now Understand why a PRIDE event? Pride gives us the opportunity to be willingly visible in our community; to show the world our diversity; to give thanks to those before us who have campaigned for our rights, and to give voice to our ongoing quest for equality.
Now Familiarize yourself with TFP's Vision, Mission and Goals Read and understand TFP's Vision, Mission and Goals

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Note: Also found in > About

Now Familiarize yourself with this year's theme, We Dare, We Care Read and understand this year's PRIDE March Theme


Now Join the Dare to Care Photo Campaign dare to careBe part of this fun and meaningful photo campaign. DARE to make a photo statement because you CARE about human rights.


  1. Cut out a pink heart the size of 1/4 bond paper
  2. Take a picture of yourself (Samples at the right, click to enlarge)
  3. Upload your pictures to the Task Force Pride Philippines Facebook group.
Now Prepare your statements
  1. PhotobucketPrepare and submit your WE DARE. WE CARE. statement per organization and individual if not affiliated with any organization. (to be compiled and used it in TFP presentation materials, marketing collaterals like newsletter, media kit etc.) i.e. We Dare to ______ because We Care about/for _______. Click on image to the right to see examples.
  2. Submit statements online here
  3. You may use these for message posting prior to march, placards or banners during march.
  4. For organizations identify speaker of your organization to deliver statement during the program.
Now Prepare short description of organization (if applicable)
  • Please provide organization description of 50 WORDS OR LESS that will be read by the announcers. (TFP reserves the right to edit the script, making changes if necessary.) and email to
  • We will have an announcer at the end of the parade on the stage to read your organization description as you settle in Maria Orosa St.
  • If no description has been submitted then verbal acknowledgement of the organization name will be done.
Now Identify Marshals
  • For organizations email identified marshal to to help to coordinate and organize your contingent.
  • For individuals, a marshal will be assigned to you when you check in at the registration booth.
Now Prepare for the events Read and understand the guidelines then produce what ever is necessary for the PRIDE MARCH:
  1. PhotobucketRegistration procedure and guidelines (process, guidelines, plan, etc.)
  2. Parade
    1. Guidelines (color coordination, participant, marshal, float, flags, tarpaulin, proper conduct, march sequence etc.)
    2. Awards (serious awards and for fun awards)
    3. Route (map, turning points, etc)
  3. Program
    1. Solidarity statement template (coming soon)
    2. Identify person who will deliver statement on stage
  4. Pageant and Party
    1. Identify volunteer talents that would like to perform
Now PRIDE Boothies

Be boothylicious on Pride Day. Make it a day of treasures and valuable finds. Sell souvenirs and various loots at the 2009 Manila Pride March!

Bid for one of the 8 prime spots near the Stage Area on Orosa St. allotted b y Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines to vendors called Pride Boothies during the 2009 Manila Pride March starting at Php500.00 (see bidding procedures below). All bid proceeds go to TFP. Top 8 bidders get the Pride Boothies.

More information on getting a booth here

Nov 28, 3 pm Last briefing for Organizations PhotobucketVenue - MCC QC
TFP EXECOM: 1 pm - 3 pm
Organization heads: 3 pm - 5 pm

Please come prepared with any open questions/concerns.

Dec 5, 2 pm Briefing for All group and route marshals, organizers (Remedios Circle) Organizations are expected to identify their marshal. In case a marshal has not been defined, the first person to register for a given group will be designated as marshal for that group.
  1. All group and route marshals, organizers must attend final meeting before pride march starts to synchronize
  2. Check-in and receive ID
Dec 5, 3 pm Registration (Remedios Circle)
  1. PhotobucketCheck-in/register at Remedios Circle > Registration Information Booth
  2. Park floats at designated areas
  3. Follow instructions of your designated marshals
Dec 5, 5 pm Parade
  1. Right before 5 pm
    1. Philippine National Anthem
    2. Key note speech to:
      1. address the participants and media
      2. open parade and address
  2. PhotobucketFollow instructions of your designated marshals
  3. At the end of the parade on Maria Orosa, Torch bearer and people holding organization tarpaulin are expected to go on the stage. And Announcer will deliver the 50 word org description and verbal acknowledgement and cheer from the crowd (5 pm - 7 pm),
  4. Torch bearer remains on stage while the next organization comes up on stage.
  5. Once all torch bearers are on stage proceed to the next step
Candle light prayer (Maria Orosa St.) Participate in the candlelight ceremony/interfaith prayer - parade closing activity by Rev Ceejay (7 pm - 8 pm); candles to be set on Large EQUALITY sign on Maria Orosa St.

Minumungkahi po kung may time ang inyong organisasyon at pag aralan ang mga sumusunod na mga kanta para sa ating short candle light prayer after the march and before the program.

  1. We Shall Overcome
  2. Panangutan
  3. Let There Be peace on earth

Ipapanalangin po natin ang mga bagay na ito.

  1. Pagkakaisa ng Filipino LGBT Community
  2. Panalangin sa mga namatay o pinatay na mga LGBT dahil sa violence against LGBT or Hate Crimes.
  3. Comelec's issue against the Ang ladlad partylist because it's a major discrimination case not just for the ang ladlad partylist per se but for the LGBT Community as well.
  4. Ipanalangin na din natin ang Maguindanao massacre victims. Na mabigyan na ito ng hustisya, at magkaroon ng patas na batas para dito.
Dec 5, 8 pm Program and Pageant (not more than 2 hours long - Maria Orosa St.)
  1. Program will commence (see details)
  2. Receive parade awards to be presented during the program


Dec 5, 12 mn Party (Maria Orosa St.)
  1. Proceed to Maria Orosa St.
Dec 6 Post Complete evaluation

Change Log

Date Reference Change
11/30 marshal/organizer briefing added 2pm Dec 5 last briefing for organizers and marshals
11/30 Pride boothies added high level information about pride boothies
11/21 Marshals Added Identifying Marshals per organization
  • For organizations email identified marshal to to help to coordinate and organize your contingent.
  • For individuals, a marshal will be assigned to you when you check in at the registration booth.
11/20 Various
  • Revised: merged program and pageant
  • Revised: parade ending: announcer added; organizations to provide 50 words or less description for announcer to clearly callout as parade contingents get into Maria Orosa
  • Added: last organization briefing meeting schedule posted on checklist for 10/28
  • Added: Large equality sign on Maria Orosa street where candles must be set
  • Added: why a PRIDE event in the vision mission section
  • Added: plans to do evaluation of PRIDE march
  • Added: note that rain or shine the show will go on
  • Revised: link to parade guidelines to point to blog post on guidelines
  • Revised: link to membership and registration guidelines to point to blog post

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